Guide To Sim Racing Shoes and Socks

If you want to take your sim racing experience to the next level of immersion and performance, consider wearing sim racing shoes. I think most people, including me, start out with a desk mounted wheel, an office chair, and plain old socks. Over time, you upgrade your wheel, your pedals, and your rig. But isn’t it time to upgrade your footwear as well? Using racing shoes is a great way to enhance the sim racing experience. Not only are there practical benefits that can increase your performance on the track, there is also the immersion and realism factor. As sim …

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A Guide to Using Gloves for Sim Racing

If there’s one thing every sim racer is always looking for, it’s more grip. It doesn’t matter which sim racing title you prefer, what class of car you most like to drive, or whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional – grip equals performance, and performance equals speed. The same logic can be applied to the question of whether you should wear gloves while sim racing. Your wheel, regardless of its quality, is what controls your car. Your hands are what control that wheel. Do you want to maximize that control while feeling every nuance of force feedback the …

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Guide To Sim Racing Button Boxes

Ricmotech SlimBox Button Box

Are you looking to simplify your in-car adjustments and sim racing workflow? Perhaps you want to adjust fuel or tires for your next pit stop without fumbling with the mouse and keyboard? Using a sim racing button box allows you to do these things, plus much more. In this article we will go over what sim racing button boxes are used for, and give you our top product picks. What are sim racing button boxes for? Put simply, a button box is a piece of hardware that has programmable buttons. Using programmable hotkeys and other 3rd party software, you can …

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